About the Artists:

Christine Cosby: Not an artist by trade or training, Christine keeps a jar full of googly eyes and a studio full of supplies so that she can host creative collaborations.  She is happy to occasionally sell a piece of her art, as it keeps her hubby on his toes.  See more of her textile work at www.flickr.com/photos/swizzlestudio/sets/72157600099276136/

Melanie Cunha: "I don't know what to say about me except I love art! Painting and creating new things is awesome."
Claudia Dávila: Creatively piecing together the beautiful mysteries of life is what Claudia Dávila loves to do, whether it's with felt bits to make stuffed dolls, delectable ingredients to make wholesome food, text and illustrations to make books and comics, or reading about wicca philosophy and the kundalini.
art blog @ www.franpages.blogspot.com
website @ www.claudiadavila.com
Marina Dempster is both a multimedia visual artist and award-winning professional photographer.  Creating eccentric improvised creatures is a bit of a heart-felt obsession. 
Anja Duess
Rob Elliott learned how to embroider & sew last year. 
Kristina Groeger: Toronto cubicle office worker with illusions of artistic superher-dom. Have a peak at www.flickr.com/people/gringogidget/
Floresita Hernandez: Previously a taco-loving hermit from Texas, I now live in New York where I manage a website, gripe about the weather, and craft non-stop. My inspirations are Flickr, live music (especially bad live music), good novels, wide open spaces, people who smile, banjos and accordions, and brown pigeons.
Colette Hogue
Karen Holden
Olivia Kjellander Hook is interested in crafting & photography, and she is also incredibly shy.  Check out her amazing pix at www.flickr.com/photos/kjellander 
Trisha Lavoie: As a child in Acadia, Trisha discovered she had no aptitude for the (then) popular pastimes of bear wrangling and the scallop toss and thus took to sewing as a means of entertainment. She continues to pursue this diversion to this day in the elusory Toronto hamlet known as "The Junction" as, to her delight, it doesn't interfere with her other hobbies, drinking and smoking. Check her out at www.flickr.com/photos/mlledorleac
Scott Neff is a collage artist living in Minneapolis.
Lotus Miyashita: When not passed out on the couch after a 3 hour marathon of Coronation Street, Lotus Miyashita can be found creating art, making food or tending flowers and/or kids. Many years ago, she exited from Emily Carr College clutching a diploma and giggled all the way home with plans for changing the world with pretty pictures.
Audra Neil: Audra graduated from the Alberta College of Art in the mid 1990s. After graduating she moved to Vancouver and participated in local art shows as well as shows in Toronto and Seattle. She works in set decoration in film and makes her stuffies as well as other art.
Audra has been making a host of slightly offbeat stuffed animals as a slight comfort in a hard world. These animals are always evolving and no two are exactly the same. Most resemble some form of a cat, dog, bear, elephant or other creature. They can be found in Vancouver at Dear (2212 Granville Street) and Barefoot Contessa (3715 Main Street). Audra can be reached at pintopony@telus.net
Farida Peters: A graphic designer by day, aspiring pastry chef by night. If she's not busy baking, painting, you can find her tending to her 18 orchids and garden.
Shirley Radebach: Born and raised in Toronto, Shirley Radebach attended art college in the mid-eighties and now makes her living as a graphic designer in the corporate marketplace. Recently spotted in the vicinity of the Pineapple Room carrying 17 lampshades, Shirley is becoming known for her fondness for multiplicity and lack of impulse control. Whether she's completing her 47th painting of Marilyn Monroe or embarking on something completely new, Radebach is a consummate professional and a maniac.