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Q. What is Monkey Mondays?

A. From May 2000 to September 2008, artist Rob Elliott emailed a monkey drawing to a list of subscribers nearly every Monday.

Q. How do I sign up for Monkey Mondays?

A. The Monkey Mondays project is now completed. However, you may view all the drawings in the archive.

Q. Why is the Monkey Mondays project over?

A. Rob Elliott felt that after 300 drawings, he'd exhausted the theme. He almost stopped it twice before, but then found another cache of creativity in the recesses of his brain. Indeed, the final push in Spring 2008 resulted in some of the most personally satisfying work. If you're still craving Rob Elliott's artwork, explore the rest of the Swizzle Studio website. That's his main space.

Q. What about the Monkey Mondays book?

A. Rob says: "I'm always open to the idea, and I have all the drawings carefully archived. If somebody wants to help out with such a project, let me know."

Q. Why did Rob Elliott do Monkey Mondays?

A. Let's ask him: "Drawing them gives me pleasure and forces me to start my week on a creative high note. Knowing there a hundreds of people waiting for their monkey fix really gets the creative juices going first thing in the week."

Q. Why did people subscribe to Monkey Mondays?

A. Lots of reasons. They provided a bit of levity in what is widely agreed to be the worst day of the week. There was element of surprise to the series, since the style, subject and species of Monkey Monkeys changed every week. And some people are just really into monkeys.

Q. Is Monkey Mondays just monkeys?

A. It was more of a primate feature actually, but there's no day of the week that begins with the letter "P". Subjects included monkeys, orangutans, apes, baboons, chimpanzees, gorillas, lemurs, mandrills, and the occassional human.

Q. How many monkeys are there in the archive?

A. There are over 300 drawings in the Monkey Mondays archives.

Q. I noticed a lot of the monkeys are not behaving themselves. Is Monkey Mondays a bad influence on children?

A. By our calculations, only 11% of Monkey Mondays monkeys have been portrayed with alcohol, and a mere 6% with tobacco. By comparison, City Zoo monkeys never smoke or drink, but they will masturbate in front of your children whenever you look away.

Q. Was Monkey Mondays every week?

A. Okay, you got us. Monkey Mondays went out every week unless Rob Elliott is on vacation, working on some massive project, or just plain burned out. You should see the mail we got when we missed a week. People get M-A-D. Some Monkey Mondays have been sent from foreign countries, drawn on napkins, just to avoid the dreaded "where's my monkey!?!" letters.

Q. How can I reuse Monkey Mondays images?

A. You can use them for your desktop, or forward them to friends (tell them where you got them). Everything else is a big no-no unless you get permission.

Q. Does Rob Elliott have a favourite Monday Monkey?

A. Rob: "I couldn't narrow it down to just one. My personal faves are the ones created when I was having a really bad week. See if you can pick them out."

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