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Rob Elliott gratefully ackowledges the support of the Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance program

Upon visiting Shanghai in 2009, I was immediately impressed by the way traffic flowed. Cars, scooters, trikes, bicycles and pedestrians weaved through the packed city streets with little regard for signals or rules. Yet everyone seemed to get where they were going in one piece.

I was also fascinated with how scooters and bicycles were used as real machines: carrying massive loads of recycling, delivering precarious towers of goods, or ferrying an entire family.

I took hundreds of traffic photos with a plan to do something with the images at a later date. SHANGHAI SCOOTERS is the resulting project, 20 gouache and ink drawings of the city’s vehicles and their riders.

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The New World, 12"x16" framed. $300
Traffic Jam 2009, 12"x16" framed. SOLD
Traffic Jam 2011, 12"x16" framed. SOLD
Styrofoam, 12"x12" framed. SOLD
Flowers, 12"x12" framed. SOLD
Dragon Breath, 8"x10" framed. $200
Scrap Lumber, 8"x10" framed. $200
Laundry Sacks, 12"x12" framed. $250
Postal Delivery, 12"x12" framed. $250
Storm, 10"x10" framed. SOLD
Rain Riders, 12"x12" framed. SOLD
Family Car, 8"x10" framed. $200
Water Carrier, 12"x12" framed. SOLD
Afternoon Nap, 10"x10" framed. SOLD
Hazardous Goods, 10"x10" framed. $200
City Worker, 8"x10" framed. SOLD
Dad's Taxi, 12"x12" framed. $250
Recycling, 10"x10" framed. $200
Computers, 12"x12" framed. SOLD
Father and Son, 8"x10" framed. $200
Screenprinted exhibition poster
18"x24" unframed. $20