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December 2010 NEWSLETTER

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1. New Swizzle websites and reorganization
2. Krampusnacht at Resistor Gallery
3. Niagara Hermitage curators' lecture and flea market tour
4. Rob Elliott spinning 45s on the radio this Tuesday


1. New Swizzle websites and reorganization

Swizzle's web presence has been getting increasingly unruly, with multiple Swizzle productions and projects all linked to one another. For the sake of clarity, and to separate the art from the commerce, we have created a new site and simplified the original Swizzle site.

The Swizzle family of websites now consists of:

Swizzle ( The original. Dedicated to Rob Elliott and Christine Cosby's contemporary art projects. This site contains information about upcoming exhibitions and projects, original artwork for sale, linked galleries to past projects, and an archive of Swizzle Gallery.

Swizzle Studio ( This commercial-focussed website contains a portfolio of my creative work, and a regularly updated blog of interesting projects I’m working on.

Swizzle Foundation ( Proponents of “rescue art” and home of the Hermitage projects.

You Windy Rathole ( Rob Elliott's Toronto sketchbook


2. Krampusnacht at Resistor Gallery

Resistor Gallery is hosting a Krampus-themed group show, just in time for the holidays. I was extremely excited to hear about this, and organizer Steve Wilson was kind enough to add me to the list of artists. I've done a new piece of art (detail above) for the show, and will be in attendance at the opening this Thursday.

For those unfamiliar with the Krampus, he is basically a horny, child-beating Christmas demon, with roots in Central European mythology. I think the reception will be interesting.

See Resistor's website for more information:

Opening Party: Thursday Dec 2nd, 2010
Show runs Monday-Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. until January 10, 2011

Resistor Gallery
284 College Street (just west of Spadina), 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario


3. Niagara Hermitage curators' lecture and flea market tour

The Niagara Heritage is pleased to announce some special programming in December. On Sunday, December 12, Swizzle Foundation trustees Christine Cosby and Robert Elliott will be offering two presentations about the Niagara Hermitage project.

2 pm: Value Village and the Value of Art: Robert Elliott will discuss the roles expert opinion and social position play in the valuation of art. There will be a Q&A session following the lecture.

3 pm: Rescue Art and flea market tour: Christine Cosby will talk about her reasons for collecting and the nature of "rescue art". This will be followed by a short tour through the flea market, where Cosby will point out artworks and talk to vendors.

Both events are free.

The Niagara Hermitage is open at the Factory Outlet Flea Market in St. Catharines, every Sunday until December 19, 2010.

Website with exhibition preview:
Audio tour/podcast:
Short video:

Every Sunday, 12-4
Factory Outlet Flea Market
46 Turner Crescent (just off HWY 406)
St. Catharines, ON

Presented by the Swizzle Foundation, Niagara Artists Centre and Fisheye Corp.


4. Rob Elliott spinning 45s on the radio this Tuesday

Ken Stower, CIUT’s terrific program director, has invited me back to the Vinyl From the CIUT Crypt show this Tuesday.

The University of Toronto radio station has lovely new headquarters in Hart House, occupying several rooms of the old Prefect’s Office. The only problem is that The Crypt, a vast library of records formerly stored in the old CIUT building’s basement, is only partially unpacked. So instead of playing records from The Crypt, I will be spinning a bunch of my own singles.

There are a lot of teenage kicks planned: The first records I bought at Music World, jukebox discards my Mom (who grew up in Alberta hotels) passed along to me, and a few New Wave records my wife Christine tracked down while as a small town Alberta teenager herself. I’m also going to spin some vintage punk and some weird children’s records. It will be a fun night, with a lot of hooks and maybe a bit too much vocoder.

Tuesday, December 14, 8 to 10 p.m.
89.5 in Toronto


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