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November 2008 NEWSLETTER

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1. Ian Jeans vs. Rob Elliott at Artguise


1. Ian Jeans vs. Rob Elliott at Artguise

This Friday, Rob Elliott is debuting an entire new series of work, Primer, at Ottawa's Artguise Gallery.

In this series of 30 ink and gouache drawings, Elliott uses classical illustration forms and techniques to illustrate a fantastic world filled with strange and unique imagery. Elliott's works bring to mind children's advertising and educational reading materials of the early 1970s. Images reminiscent of old confectionery ads and elementary school reading primers engage the viewer with their sinister humour and a playful sense of wit. Ultimately, Primer is intended to be viewed as a collection of loose pages torn from long lost publications, tantalizing in their refusal to provide a complete narrative and yet married to a childlike sense of nostalgia.

For a complete preview of the Primer series, go to:

Similarly, the new series of oil paintings by artist Ian Jeans depicts an upside down world of animals, oddities and surreal joy. Spare Time is a titillating expedition through the imaginative and wondrous world of Ian's brush and palette. His works are a spirited tribute to the notion of painting purely for the sake of painting. Jean's use of a bold colour palette brings his jocular and bizarre narratives to life with a youthful exuberance and charm. Jeans' skill as a technical painter is evident throughout this series in his use of line and balanced composition. Overall, Spare Time represents Ian's love of the craft of painting and the delight he gets in creating a peculiar and lighthearted world open for all viewers to enjoy.

For more information on this show, go to:

Meet both artists at the opening reception:
Friday, November 21, 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

November 21 - December 31
Artguise Gallery
590 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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