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October 2008 NEWSLETTER

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1. Fake ID at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
2. Ian Jeans vs. Rob Elliott at Artguise


1. Fake ID at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Fake ID, a new installation by Swizzle Studio, is inspired by a 20th century dodgy fake ID trick that kept many a second rate photographer in business.

From dusk until dawn on October 4, an oversized drivers license will be spotlit in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Members of the public will be encouraged to have a friend take their photo in front of the licenses. Swizzle staffers will offer instruction cards for making their own fake ID card from their digital photographs.

For more background and rationale, go here:

Calling all Sandy Pseudos! Did you make a Fake ID?

Flickr: Post it in the Fake ID - Nuit Blanche 2008, Toronto pool:

Facebook: Post it in the Did you you have your photo taken at the Fake ID Nuit Blanche Exhibit? group:


2. Ian Jeans vs. Rob Elliott at Artguise

A couple of years back, Ian Jeans sauntered up to Rob Elliott at Ottawa's Art in the Park and said, "Aren't you that other artist who paints birds wearing hats?" The comment may have sounded innocent, but it had a whiff of challenge to it. So to settle up any scores that may need settling, Ottawa's Artguise Gallery is hosting a versus show this November.

Rob Elliott will be debuting a new series of gouache drawings for the public's viewing and holiday-buying pleasure. Swizzle Studio trainer Christine Cosby will make the rail journey with Rob to Ottawa for the opening round of this sure-to-be breathtaking bout.

November 21 - December 17
Artguise Gallery
590 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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